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 _build - Embedded build information
 qTask - Queued Task Manager
 PIC32 mcompat - PIC32 mcompat
 EA-DOGM - LCD Display Driver

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 fplCore - Self contained controller
 oLogic 1.4 - NEW Logic Viewer
 oLogic - Oscilloscope Logic Viewer
 SSX32 - Serial Servo Driver
 uProfiler - uController uProfiller



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Code Snippets

Slice : A macro wrapped up state machine
pTask : pTask - priority (out of order) task manager
Class : Using [pseudo] Classes in CCS C (old, dont use)
Block Slice : A macro wrapped state machine for different code blocks
vPort : For use when you dont have a full 8bits on a port, such as A, B, C...
pClass : Using [pseudo] Classes in CCS C (New)
LCD Bar Graph : This will allow you to display a custom bar graph on the EA-DOGM text LCD displays.
NMEA Checksums : This will allow you to validate a strings checksum, as well as allow you to generate your own checksums.
Int_XFR : A macro to transfer 16bit vars

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