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oLogic 1.4
oLogic v1.4 - 4/8ch Oscilloscope Logic Viewer


Originaly, this is a little project I came up because of the fact I did not own an MSO at the time.

I had put together a little hack with a microcontroller, and was able to display 4 or 8 traces on a standard analog scope. Original project: oLogic Project

Since then I had put the project online here for all to see, and I was picked up by hackaday.com (see original post here: Use an analog oscilloscope to display digital logic)

Since then I have had alot of traffic on my server, as well as people emailing me for a copy of the .hex file, or if i can send them a preprogrammed chip.

I started thinking one day about the project, I never realy completed it. (still really havent 100%) But I wanted to make a kit available online, or at the very least the PCB. So I came up with www.picstuff.com as a place to put some parts and PCB's as related to projects.

If you are interested in purchasing this as a kit, you can find it here on Pic Stuff

So here is some more info on the updated project:

This project will allow you to view 4 or 8 logic channels on a standard analog scope.

You just need to hook up two scope connections;

  • CH1 connects to the output of the oLogic board
  • TRIGGER connects to any of the logic inputs you want to trigger off of.

  • To set the trigger to the correct chanel, an extra wire on the board connects to a header pin that matches the input channel.

    Thre are 2 trace modes, 4ch or 8ch mode. 4ch mode is a little cleaner and faster, since it only has to draw 4 lines in the same amount of time, thus higher freqency viewing is possible.

    There is a jumper in the upper left hand side of the board for 4/8 ch mode.

    Also, there is a Chop/Alt mode jumper. Chop mode is the standard mode to use the oLogic. Alt mode is experimental, and uses a gate signal from the scope to tell oLogic when to draw the next trace. It is possible to use an external source to trigger this. If you are in 4 ch. mode, you can jump a wire from the gate input to channel 8, and use that chanel pigtail for gating.

    But hey, feel free to modify and email me back, I will post your alt code update. After all, this is an open source project.


    For crystal selection, I have done well using a 24MHz with X4 PLL, thus 96MHz. Performed well for me.

     Project Specs
    version: 1.4
    mcu: 18F26K20
    compiler: CCS C

    PIC: 18F26K20
    DAC: MX7224
    Rpd: 1M Ohm
    Rs: 100K Ohm
    All Caps: .01uF
    3v Reg: LD1117S33TR
    5v Reg: LD1117S50CTR
    Kit Avail.: Available


    ologic1.4.zip - All files

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