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About mcu labs

First, Why mculabs.com?
Well the EA-DOG driver was something I wrote because I needed a driver for this nice display, and I was not able to find very much info on programming it and connectivity. After I wrote it, I decided to clean it up a bit, and post it in the forums so other people could use it. After that, I got allot of emails asking about it, and asking about features.

I decided after trying to keep the driver up to date on the forums that it was proving difficult, and I needed a central place to host it. I also wanted to be able to host some other open projects I wanted to share. However, I wanted to host all them together centrally, thus, mculabs.com was born.

Who am I?
Well, my name is Michael Bradley, and I am involved in several companies in different capacities, from management to consultant.

Do I write code for others, sell my design services?
I generally don't like to do project work, there seams to be no small projects, they all seam to grow and grow. I do a lot of small snippets because sections of code can be done, and finished. However, I like to solve problems and challenges, so I don't mind lending a coding hand, or a design thought.

Will I take on a project?
Only if the project is not big, or at least my part is not big. I do like my life and don't like vacationing in a computer room.

A little background:
I have been programming since I was around 9 yrs old, taught myself Assembly Code on several chips, 8080, z80, 6502, 6510, 8086, all pre 1985. I even knew Assembly on CP/M machines, then I was teaching at the adult school in Simi Valley by the age of 16, I taught Intro to Electronics, Computer Repair, dBase III+, and Turbo Basic programming.

So you can see I have always been around computers, I have designed large scale systems that span several machines, without the use of cluster software.

My embedded skill set has allowed me to design such projects as military targeting systems as well as UAV designs.

I strongly believe in getting the job done fast/simple/inexpensive. I have done this always with off the shelf hardware/os/code/scripts.

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