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Welcome to my little spot on the web.

I am working on this site every day for an hour or so, please forgive me for the slow speed at which it is coming together.

Update: 7/5/2015
I have just posted up my uProfiler project, this was used extensively durring the last 6 months.
Check it out here: uProfiler

Note: I have finaly finished something that has consumed everybit of my life for the last 4 years, its been a tough one.

Now I can get back to cleaning up my sites, and using some of the things I have learned durring this time.

So Stay tuned, I am currently working on a new site theme, and trying to figure out how I want it layed out, so I can bring more info as well.

Update - 32Ch. Servo Board, 1/30/2011
Well, I have moved my lab to Sothern California, great to be back home. And I have just opened up a project of mine for everyone. A 32 Chanel Servo Controller that can be made for under $20!

Take a look at it here: SSX32

Update - EA-DOGM, 12/23/2009
Good news everyone, support for EA-DOMG series of LCD displays will continue, as well as expand. I have been in contact with Electronic Assembly, and I am using these displays in client applications, and now I am getting ready to do a complete line of drivers.

First complete solutions will be for the EA-DOGM, the the EA-DIP

Driver Update - EA-DOGM, 12/3/2009
There was a small bug in v2.01, it has been fixed now. If you are using the multi i/o driver prior to 2.02, just drop this one in its place, there should not be any compile issues or syntax changes in your program.

Soft SPI, aka Bit Banged SPI
Many people have asked my why I try to include a software emulated SPI driver in most of my projects when there is an SPI peripheral in almost every PIC uController.

My answer is two part, and simple, #1, portability, #2, sometimes the SPI bus is busy, and I need to talk to another chip during an interrupt. Latest example, I was writing to an EA-DOG LCD using SPI, and during an interrupt, I needed to read an external FIFO UART. Also, with clever programming, you can communicate to several devices at once.

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